Belford Museum

Belford Museum 2020

This small, free, volunteer-run museum and resource centre is based on the ground floor in Belford’s historic Reading Room.


The front room has undergone a makeover, and we now have a much improved resource area and the current project we are working on is the memories of the evacuees that were sent to Belford.


There is ever changing exhibitions in the back room, this year we are focusing on industrial. There are plenty of things to see, and we have a kitchen equipment quiz.



The resource and library area can be used by those who want to research family connections within the village.


If you need help with your research please complete a card on the desk and put it in the box, and a volunteer will get back to you, or alternatively e-mail your query to:

Belford Museum around 1940

In around 1938-1940, the building which houses Belford Museum was demolished and then re-built in order to enable the road to be widened. The pictures below show the original building and the period during the re-build.

The original building on the site which now houses Belford Museum
During the rebuilding to make way for the road widening.