Belford Museum

H.L.Robinson (Artist)


The museum was recently donated 4 paintings by the local artist H.L.Robinson.Two are views from North Bank; one done from the top of the hill, looking down and the other looking up from the bottom of the hill.


Robinson lived in Hutton, which is just over the border in Scotland, near Paxton House. He first came to prominence with his work within the Berwick Art Club, which was regularly displayed at the Corn Exchange in Berwick. Later, he even had a painting displayed at the Royal Scottish Academy.


He took his inspiration from nature and did not believe in working from photographs. His style was to use a dim, softened light to accentuate the lanscapes that he liked to paint.


This is a newspaper extract of 1905, with a review of Robinsons work.


Berwickshire News 10th Oct 1905 page 4

Berwick Artist at Kelso

Mr.H.L.Robinson, Artist, Hutton, Berwick, has had a view in Kelso Corn Exchange, a collection of interesting pictures both in oils and water colours. The water-colour pictures are very cleverly executed and of a handy size. Serveral of the oil paintings have the honour of being 'hung' at several important exhibitions in different parts of the country. "Moonrise at Kelso" is a very ably treated subject and depicts a scene familiar to Kelsonians. There are several very good local scenes, including "Looking towards Berwick", "At he Carr Rock", "The Quay at Berwick", etc., in all of which boats prominently figure. "A Berwickshire Vale" and autumn scene is a charming work, as is also "Morning" where the effect of sunshine penetrating the mist after dawn is strikingly realised.


Robinson moved to Blackpool sometime in the early 1930's, where he continued painting and giving lectures to the Fylde Art Society and Blackpool Sketching Club.


He died 31st December 1944 at the age of 74.